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Our Story

At Machi we believe that food and experiences are made to share. Our international kitchen team love sharing their skills and passion of food, friends, and family. In Japanese “Machi”, means small-town, or community and we always delight in welcoming guests to our hometown here in St Kilda.

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Our Chefs

Our international Chefs and kitchen team thrive on pushing the limits and putting all their knowledge to use to transforming fresh ingredients into artwork for the eye and tastebuds alike. After graduating his culinary training, our experienced Head Chef sharpened his knifes and skills in globally recognised restaurant kitchens and now is bring it all home here at Machi. While they can be a little shy our team never shy away from dishing up the best food they can.

Please note: in general, all reservations are for 90 minutes, unless timing permits. Please see contact page for full reservation details. 

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